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aka Tomatoes Owner + Sarcastic-Pun-Queen

I first started BMM in 2012 and haven’t looked back since (apart from when I have to write things like this)

Why did I start BMM? Probably because I pun too much to work for other people? Ha, not really, but if punning was a sackable offence then I’d never be able to keep a job! (Honestly, there’s something pun-damentally wrong with me… I can’t stop!) The real answer is simple; So that I could make the jewellery I dreamt of, but couldn’t find in the shops! The very first BMM designs (Crossbones, Lonely Bone, Antler) were all straight out of my brain and straight onto my hands + neck. Of course, we’ve branched out a little, and broadened our style, but every piece of BMM is still exactly that- OUR STYLE, rather than just a piece of fashion. We want you to be able to build on your own style, with our designs, and create your very own #BMMLegend

I can usually be found wearing… ALL OF THE JEWELS! (Seriously, I stack like, SEVEN on one finger… You can call me Mr T!)

My favourite piece? Well now, this changes regularly, but I do always come back to Death Before Dishonour + Crescent Moon. Oh, and Crossbones. And also Polaris and India Rose… Ooooh and I LOVE Lacrimosa at the moment too! (It does depend on my mood, which is why I usually go for Death Before Dishonour… Guess I’m usually feeling pretty “stabby” ha!)

When I’m not at BMM? You can probably find me chilling* with my cats (*forcing them to sit with me, ha!), riding my horse, The Beast (best name ever!), or Little Wing- my Indian Scout Motorcycle… If I’m not doing any of that, I’m likely drinking wine!

Lucy's Loveable Lineup


aka Little Urchin / Grubby Urchin Manager + Ball-Breaker / Straight-Talker

I was a manager on a showjumping yard for 8 years before BMM stole me. Alongside this, I was diving for sea urchins to sell in our coastal villages. (She used to have to scrape out the urchin guts to prepare them for selling- hence her Grubby Urchin name!)

I was first sponsored by BMM for showjumping in 2014, when I started my #BMMCollection. I then became such a regular in the BMM shop that Lucy thought she’d better offer me a job! I’m now in my 3rd year with BMM as Manager, and also head up all of your Bespoke requests!

I can usually be found wearing… Aylen, Labradorite Rose Dunn, Labradorite Maverick (I see a labradorite-shaped pattern forming here!), Stigandr, Freya, Bad Cats Ring and Niyol Arrows. Oh, and I’m partial to a choker on a night out!  (Thats what she said- wheyyyyy! )

My favourite piece? Anything with Labradorite or Amber in it!

When I’m not at BMM? Showjumping my horse, Sid Vicious (Seriously, he is actually the horse version of Urch!) and bringing on various mental youngsters- I do love a challenge! (Pretty sure she was gritting her teeth just then!)

At home (which, by the way is a succulent jungle for cats!) I can be found nerding out with Zelda, or relaxing with Gears of War (Yes, she finds shooting people in the face relaxing- I did try and warn you!). Oh and also, WINE.

Christine's Colourful Chaos


aka Flamingo Crusher Jeweller + Crusher of Stones

Before BMM I was in Care Support Work for 7 years (#DoGooder!) During that time I dabbled in making a few pieces of jewellery for my fiancé at the time (Don’t worry, she’s now his wife, so its not awkward!) and I decided that it was time for career change (carer-eer change… Geddit?!)

I’m now 2 years in with BMM, and loving the daily challenges I face, and I don’t just mean dealing with Christine! I really love working on the Bespoke pieces – I think thats where I’ve learnt the most. I also love hearing the feedback we get and the stories when people have proposed, knowing what we’ve put into each creation.

I can usually be found wearing… The Lemmy Signet ring!

My favourite piece? Well, this is a bit awkward, I’ve recently fallen in love with a Bespoke Engagement ring we’ve made! I want to wear it on my pinky!!! (It is an awesome skull ring, to be fair!)

When I’m not at BMM? I’m usually fixing something broken; my van, my motorbike (his old-as-shit car!) Oi, its an Audi 80 Sport! Also trying to keep my kids sane with as many tiring, outdoor adventures as possible!

I used to teach Outdoor Ed so I try to use those skills in wearing out my kids/ forced fun. Oh and I drink ale whilst I do all of the above! (unbelievable-ale!)

Trips out with Tristan


aka K-Lo / K-Hole Jeweller + Fire Alarm Setter-Offer

I completed my degree in Jewellery in 2008 and then moved to London to work for a high-end jewellers. Pretty quickly I realised that the Big Smoke was too smokey for me, and I ran away to go travelling and “find myself” (Still looking, by the way!)

I had heard people talking about BMM and so began to stalk! I stalked for about a year before I plucked up the courage to send an email (which, by the way, was titled with a pun, so we of course hired her instantly!) I’ve been here since then, and love it. Its like a Glitter + Glue session, but for adults! (DISCLAIMER: Kate is NOT allowed to use glue at work!!!) 

I can usually be found wearing… Moss Agate Maverick, Hallow Kitty + Magni

My favourite piece? I love a good bone! (waheeeeyyyyyy!) I also love anything with Moss Agate, and the stones in general! So basically anything stoney or boney!

When I’m not at BMM? Yoga.. Drinking… Drunk Yoga! Lifting weights, photography, eating good food (and bad food Kate, we’ve seen you!) and going on outdoor adventures… Oh, and all of the above, with alcohol!

Kate's Kreative Kraziness


aka Our HQ The Home Of BMM

Bloody Mary Metal began on a bench in Lucy’s lounge. It quickly progressed to a small office at the back of a builders merchants, and then into the first BMM shop. We’ve since moved just over the courtyard into a larger workshop, office + shop space, and luckily for us, and you when you visit (unluckily for our waistlines!) our old shop is now an amazing cafe + coffee shop!

BMM has brought me to tears a lot over the years, sometimes the good, proud, overwhelming kind of tears, and sometimes definitely NOT those!

It’s tough running your own business, but I now have the best team around me, helping to catapult BMM forward. People say “oh you’re so lucky to have your own company”, to which my response is that I am not “lucky”! Its damn hard work, horrifically worrying sometimes (okay, a LOT of times!) and means you never really get to switch off… But what I AM lucky for is my team! I am lucky that likeminded, creative, honest, incredibly trustworthy, hilariously sarcastic people have found their way to BMM, and I am lucky that I can rely on them, on a business level, a design level, and a friend level! (Okay, enough of the sappiness now! Christine is about to be sick, ha!)

BMM Bits + Bobs



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