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Wishbone Midi Silver
Midi Wishbone SIde

Wishbone Midi

From £30.00

You’ll feel like a princess with one, or more of these dainty little pretties on the tips of your fingers! The elegant wishbone shape gives the affect of elongating fingers if worn pointed away from the hand, and shortening fingers if worn pointing towards the hand! MAGIC!

A full size version of this is available if you prefer your rings further up your fingers in a more traditional manner. We cast our wishbones in sterling silver or 9 carat gold.

Please read:
* We tend to find the best fitting midi ring sizes to be C, D, E, F or G
* Gold items take approx 3 weeks from when you order, as each one is cast to order, just for you!If you would like gold but it says “out of stock” please send us an email to
* Rings are custom orders, as each one is sized, by hand, to order, so cannot be exchanged. We do offer a re-size service if needed.
* Check out our simple-to-sift-through Customer Care section for full shipping and delivery timeframes, and answers to any questions you may have! xx


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